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     Guizhou huake aluminum materials engineering technology research co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as huake company/international brand Hualco), is China's heat Gao Jiangren aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy precision plate industry pioneer and market leader. National high and new technology enterprise, provincial intellectual property advantages, excellent enterprise, guizhou "millions" project hundreds of one of the key enterprises, guiyang innovative enterprises, high-tech and strategic emerging industries.
        Hualco flagship product HCP series aluminum alloy precision plate, sublimation after 3 years of technology and market development, establishes a famous brand in the international market, the mechanical properties, machining precision and dimension stability on the three main indicators created the unique concept and competitive advantage, cost-effective advantage to products are exported to Europe and the United States, is in line with the international advanced level, leading the domestic market demand.
        As a representative of the aluminium industry high-tech small giant growth companies, Hualco has more than 200 national invention patents, international patent 5 pieces, make original national standard 2, aluminum alloy new number nine, 211 z aluminum alloy processing and specialization, seriation original core technology product won the national key new product certificate (2011 tjf20005); Provincial academician workstation, engineering technology research center (experimental base), 3 big innovation platform industry technology innovation strategic alliance, there are two station academicians, 3 senior engineers, more than 60 people in the research and development team, completely, Dr. Proportion of more than 30%.

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